STORE HOURS

Our store hours have changed, as we are transitioning to our off season hours... We will be open Saturday's from 10am to 5pm. Sunday's from 12 Noon, to 4:00pm. Additional afternoon, and evening hours will be implemented at a later date, as well as expanded Holiday Season hours. Special arrangements could be made by scheduling an appointment... We will do our best to accommodate you. You may call us at 570 342-1963, 570 878-2727, or feel free to email us 

Thank You

                                  Downtown Scranton, "Back in the Day"!

                              The Scranton Dry Goods - Later Oppenheims Department Store

                                                                          The Globe Store - 1970's

                                 The Household Building - Lackawanna Avenue

STEAMTOWN Arrives in Scranton.

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